The team has been working hard to create, edit and post client messages quickly on their websites and social media channels, no matter how many times they change, keeping up with the changing environment.

Aside from working, how are you spending your time?  We thought we would share some of the things we are doing to ... well ... stay sane.  

Here are our top 5 ways we’re staying sane during the pandemic.

  1. Starting a Reading Goal on Goodreads. This is all about immersive, non-work related reading.  Mystery, Fantasy, Autobiographies, you name it.  As long as not a book directly related to work projects. Not heard of Goodreads? It is “the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations”.  It is a great place to connect with like-minded readers as well as discover new series.
  2. (Re-)Learning to Knit. As the days are still on kind of the cool side (except for the wayward 70-degree day) thought we would try our hand at knitting a scarf. A client donates hats and scarves to those in need in the winter.  We thought if our efforts came out well, we would add to their donations.
  3. Re-instituting Family Board Game Night. Yup, I said board games. Several of us recall fond memories of the family gathering around the dining room table with board games like Monopoly, Chinese Checkers and such.  A great excuse to set out snack foods and trash talk.
  4. Discovering Sun Salutations are harder than they seem. Wellness is important, especially now.  We thought yoga poses would be good to add to our schedule to combat all the sitting and lack of a real commute. Somehow we thought they would be easier to do. 
  5. Working on that 1,000 Piece Puzzle Hiding in the Closet. You know the one I’m talking about you got as a white elephant gift at a holiday party. Or, maybe you saw it and bought it yourself, perhaps you like the picture or maybe thought it was a good weekend afternoon activity.  Either way, it most likely found a place in a closet begging to be brought out.  Well, maybe that’s just the half dozen or so, hanging out in my closet.

That’s some of what we’re doing to relax.  How about you?  Let us know.