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One of our favorite extensions is RSForm!Pro from RSJoomla.  A versatile form builder, we are excited about the newest update, the ability to do a group of conditionals.  

What is RSForm!Pro?

RSForm!Pro is a form builder for Joomla!  It has undergone a major update in recent updates adding in a drag-and-drop grid, which makes it easier to create and layout web forms.  For full list of features, go to:

Show/Hide Conditionals Challenge

Often on a form, especially a long one, there are conditionals or follow up responses such as when there is an "Other" option to a question. To make the form less arduously looking, you can set show/hide conditions.  There could also be a section that is dependent on the answer to an earlier question.  Creating show/hide for each and every question could be time-consuming.  Could also cause performance issues.

The Fix

The latest version of RSForm!Pro, v2.3.0, addresses this challenge by enabling multiple fields to be apart of a single show/hide conditional.  This is only one part of the update.  Give it a try.