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From our reading list...Sept 10th Edition

From time to time, we are asked about what we read.  Here are some articles we thought you might enjoy:

No Excuses

Entrepreneur.com | Nadia Goodman | August 30, 2012 | 4 Ways to Stop Making Excuses and Follow Your Passion

Why we like it:
This article is a great companion to our Getting out of your own way post. It includes 4 tips for kicking it into gear. We keyed into these since the very first one includes the word - "Passionate". Not surprised to see as it is common in business articles to encourage readers to understand what their passion is and how to leverage it for their business. The other tips are common sense tips, we sometimes forget when we get busy.  It's a quick read, here's a look at the tips:

  1. Decide if you are truly passionate
  2. Get to know your market
  3. Create a safety net
  4. Turn to family and friends for support

If you want more just let us know...


FastCompany.com | Ron Friedman | August 24, 2012 | Why Too Much Data Disables Your Decision Making

Why we like it:
We research information and find ourselves in a bit of "analysis-paralysis". This article highlights how information can change the decision process, by changing the perspective, for example, how the "$5,000 vs $25,000 non-payment" changed the approval/denial rates.

Vacation Time

Inc.com | Selena Cuffe | August 23, 2012 | You Need a Vacation. 3 Ways to Make It Happen

Why we like it:
The article "You Need a Vacation. 3 Ways to Make it Happen" is a reminder to solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs and small business owners who shoulder so much of the creating, growing and maintaining of a company, that they themselves need care-and-feeding. True it's easier said than done and even the author admits to not always getting it right. 1. It helps to underestimate your importance True for the business, not true for you, the person. Take care of you to take care of the business. 2. You can survive without the Internet Despite my love of my fancy electronics, even I take a break with a pen/paper or a paperback book. 3. You may have to work hard to convince yourself I like the "money where your mouth is" approach. Cancellation fees, change fees, person holding you accountable, etc deter weaseling out.

Ayn Who?

Inc.com | Geoffrey James | August 16, 2012 | 5 Reasons Ayn Rand Is Bad for Business

Why we like it:
The article "5 Reasons Ayn Rand is Bad for Business" caught my attention just by the name alone. Early in my career, it was suggested that I read Atlas Shrugged. I recall finding it to be a great read. At the time my employer focused on long-term viability, employee growth and company morale. Fast forward a few years and there was a noticeable shift to bottom-line-short-term focus. Teams became in-name-only and job hopping became less of a hiring red flag. I saw people leave for short periods to come back for higher pay. I saw drastic changes in charitable cause support. Ever feel like it is all about the money?

Sandwiches, Sandy and Social Media
Three Lessons I Learned from the Apple/Samsung Tri...


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