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From our reading list...May 28, 2013

From our reading list...May 28, 2013

projecteve.com | Project Eve | Susan Young | May 16, 2013 | 12 insights on the emotional marketing revolution from Seth Godin

Why I like it:

I love reading Seth Godin.  The powerful simplicity of the message in the entertaining package.  I've read a number of Godin books savoring each word.  My favorite still today is The Purple Cow.  I've read many others but I still come back to that one.  I am sorry that I missed the webinar but thankful for the recap.

projecteve.com | Project Eve | Gail Mallo | May 12, 2013 |  4 Ways to Combat Writer's Block for Content Marketing

Why I like it:

There are days when I can have so many ideas that my hands cannot keep up.  Then there are those days when I cannot string together two words to save my life.  I feel like Ms. Mallo was sitting on my shoulder, since I'd just had a conversation with one of writing buddies about how I have gotten my writing groove back.  Sure 'nuff I was down the same path of the cited four points.  I will have to bookmark this for the hair-pulling-can't-get-a-single-word-to-paper moments. 


Paper?! Yup - always to start
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