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From our reading list...June 17th

From our reading list...June 17th

Here's the next installment of our reading list.  In addition to some of our favorite online sources, based on suggestions from readers like you, we've added a couple new ones to the list.



fastcompany.com | Fast Company Magazine | Leadership | Drake Baer | June 12, 2013 | How to Go to Bed the Right Way

Why I like It:
Until recently, I had a sleep problem in that I was getting 4 hours or less pretty consistently.  Then I went to the other extreme and was sleeping half the day away.  I don't step away from the computer an hour before but I have added a bed time and a routine - playing Words with Friends.  I wake up happy ready to go when I get up with fresh ideas and solutions to whatever was on my mind the day before.  If you were having trouble waking up happy maybe this article will help you.

prdaily.com | Ragan's PR Daily | Kristin Piombino | June 12, 2013 | The best - and worst - times to post to social media
Why I like it:
I like the quick reference graphic.  I keep up on all of the discussion threads about the best time to post but also trying to explain to clients, this graphic helps.  While I don't have statistical proof there seems to be some variation with a couple of client bases I work with that fall into the "worst" categories listed here.  For instance for Woodridge Builders.  We see looks of traffic in the early mornings and late nights.  Despite that, a good reference.  
Have you found other times that work better for your business or industry?

salon.com | Salon | Tom Jacobs | June 15, 2013 | Study: Reading novels makes us better thinkers
Why I like it:
I love to read…in case you haven't guessed (*chuckle*)  A friend shared this article with me.  I have to admit that I don't read as much literature as I would like.  I try to alternate between "heady" reads and quick-and-easy reads.  Every now and again may through in a romance novel just to keep things balanced.  My easy reads usually are more thriller type books.  Despite being a techno girl I do from time to time like to sit down with a printed book and disconnect from technology.  Then it passes and I am back to my e-Reader.  
What's the last piece of literary fiction that you've read?  Think I may just grab that James Joyce Dubliners book peeking out of the bookshelf.


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