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Entering a New Normal


Boy oh boy, when I started outlining this blog, I never thought the world would look the way it is today with all of us, literally everyone in the world, adjusting to life during a pandemic.

This post is probably the most personal post ever written.


Unfortunately, during the time that things were starting to happen with self-quarantines and border closings, I was also dealing with the non-coronavirus-related death of a family member. Being introverted and private, this news was not shared with many. I needed a plan for how to help and support my family, my business and my students. My family and I got through it, not that we aren't sad from time to time, with "remember when" moments, but we got through it. 

Stay-at-Home Order 

After processing our grief we were then facing the Stay-at-Home order issued for our state. While we were aware of what was going on as it affected our travel plans to pay our respects, I'm not sure that really processed what was going on.

With older parents in so-so health, thoughts of protecting them became front and center in my mind. Because of how things began at the beginning of March with the family death, we'd already been hanging home more, supporting each other, figuring things, and preparing to depart. Not sure if that made it harder or easier to stay home and practice social distancing, but we were used to it by that point. 

The New Normal 

Each day there is a "new normal" and each day we adjust, we cope, we get through it. We don't know what tomorrow will bring, and let's be honest we didn't know before all this, yet we got through.

Sincere and deep admiration goes out to the medical professionals for their compassion for others and commitment to healing, who work tirelessly to treat and care for the rest of us.

Lastly, everyone please do your part to help flatten curve by staying home if you are not well and practicing social distancing.

We WILL get through this. 

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