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Content Ideas in Sync


How do we come up with content ideas? Great question! You’ve asked, and here is an outline of our process with answers.

First, we take into account where the content will be featured - ex. social media, email, website blog post - and who can use the information we want to share. Second, we think about what is relevant, what have we learned from working with clients, and what questions are often being asked. Prior to a staff meeting, we may glance at this resource for inspiration. Next, the staff at Danico has a 15-30 minute conversation and brainstorms potential ideas. Brainstorming is key to the process because whatever comes to mind we keep note of and then bounce other ideas off of those thoughts.

Once we feel we have a strong list of contenders we start to narrow down the list.

  • What content ideas seem exciting and can be expanded? 
  • Does the content coincide with holidays, trends, or industry insights? 
  • What images or visuals could be included to help articulate a concept? 

After the list has been settled we review our content calendar to assess:

  • What makes the most sense at this particular time to share?
  • What is the story we want to share?
  • Can the content be developed into a curated series or other avenues?

The content idea is then finalized and the last phase of this process is implementation.

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